How To Choose the Right Hair Colour For Your Face

How To Choose the Right Hair Colour For Your Face

We can all relate to the struggle of wanting to change up your look but having no idea how. The easiest way to make a drastic change to your personal style is with a fresh hair colour, but when it comes to dying your hair the commitment is real. Before going to town with the bleach, here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction on your hair colour journey.


Match Your Hair Colour To Your Skin Tone

You have probably heard this one time and time again, but there is a good reason this pearl of wisdom has stuck around for so long. This method has two basic rules: if your skin has
pink or blue undertones, choose cool hair colours and avoid red, gold, and brassy tones at all costs. If your skin is golden, yellow, or tan in tone, avoid ashy or pastel tones and go straight for bold, rich, warm colours.

Contrast Hair Colour With Eye Colour

If your eyes are one of your favourite features, make them pop by contrasting your hair colour with your eye colour. If you have gorgeous blue eyes, dye your hair dark to bring out their brightness. For those with rich brown eyes, contrasting them with a light blonde can make them seem even deeper.

Consider The Commitment

The biggest thing to consider when making a drastic hair colour change is the level of commitment your new look will require. If you aren’t into touch ups and just want to set and
forget your hair colour, going from your natural dark brown to platinum blonde is probably not wise. Have a chat with your stylist about the level of upkeep needed for different styles and factor that into your colour choice.

How is Your Hair Health?

Another thing to consider when changing up your hair colour is the current state of your hair. If you have badly damaged hair, bleaching is probably not the best option. Be nice to your hair and accept that sometimes it is best to let it grow and recover with milder treatments before subjecting it to anything drastic.

You Do You

If there is something you have always longed to do with your hair, forget the rules and go for it! Match your hair to your personality and let loose with the colour, no matter what skin tone you have or how much upkeep it needs. If you love to stand out, go for something bright and bold, or if you have always felt like a blonde trapped in a brunette’s body, try out some golden locks.

If you have no idea what hair colour you want, this guide is a great place to start. Choose the hair colour that suits you best and work it. To chat with one of our stylists about your hair journey, contact us at one of six salon locations to book your hair transformation today!