2019 Hair Trends

We are well into 2019 at this point, and as summer draws to a close you may be wondering what you can do to shake up your look. We have noticed five distinct hairstyles that have taken hold this year, which range from dramatic cuts with pops of colour to laid back, natural looks. Find your autumn style in the top five five hair trends of 2019!



After years of the curling iron reigning as queen, the blow-dry is finally back with soft and voluminous waves. This look is softer than the beachy trends of last year, creating loose and light curls that last for up to a week.

2019 Hair Trends | Elenbi


Carefree Hair

A low-maintenance look has been all the rage so far this year and we are loving it. There are a few ways to pull off the carefree vibe, the simplest of which is to just comb your hair through with conditioner when washing and then wear your natural locks with pride. Another popular option is to spice things up with some colour while avoiding frequent touch ups by getting the dirty blonde look. This style leaves the roots untouched and gradually lightens the hair toward the tips, making it easy to care for and absolutely gorgeous.

2019 Hair Trends | Elenbi


Bobs Are Back

Every few years bobs make a resurgence, and it looks like they are back again in 2019. This iconic and versatile hair trend is bobbing up in two distinct styles, being the fierce, blunt square
bob and the softer look of a mid-neck textured bob. The first is a throwback to the nineties and is best styled sleek and dark, while the latter achieves carefree beachy vibes when paired with
sandy blonde hair and loose waves.

2019 Hair Trends | Elenbi


Accessories Are In

Though butterfly clips still remain in the nineties, statement hair clips and accessories are adding hair flair to 2019. Oversized pins and hair clips are the perfect way to add some intrigue
and glam to your hairstyle. The key to pulling off this trend is to go big, with large accessories in luxe metallics such as gold to achieve the elegant look.

2019 Hair Trends | Elenbi


Go Bright or Go Home

A hair trend we’ve been loving lately is matching your hair to your clothing with a pop of colour. Coral and peachy pinks have been particularly popular hair colours this year so far, and
Instagram has been lighting up with perfectly matched hair and clothes in these bright and pretty shades.

2019 Hair Trends | Elenbi


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