7 Ways to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

It’s the question on everyone’s lips at Elenbi Salons… How can you boost hair growth so that you can finally have the hair of your dreams?

If you are trying to grow your hair out or would simply like to improve the condition of your hair, try Elenbi Salons seven trusted ways to promote healthy hair growth.


  1. Brush from the bottom.

Brushing hair from roots to the ends often creates more knots and tangling than when starting brushing from the bottom. To help boost your hair growth and avoid breakage, start with changing your brushing habits to ensure your hair is growing at a steady, cohesive rate without breaking.

Increase your protein intake:

Did you know hair follicles are made mostly of protein? A lack of protein in one’s diet has been linked to promote hair loss – if you think that’s you, it’s time to introduce more sources of protein into your daily menu! Think wild caught fish, tofu and lean meats. Reducing hair loss means more of your hair will make it to the length you are after. Healthy, thick hair for the win!

  1. Never brush your hair when wet.

Your hair is at its weakest and most vulnerable to breakage when wet. So whatever you do, never brush your hair straight after washing or swimming. Brushing wet hair leads to fly-aways, split ends and can even pull the hair from the roots. If you can’t avoid this situation, we suggest using a wide-tooth comb to detangle whilst your hair dries.

  1. Use Omega-3, Omega-6 & B Supplements

Like the rest of your body, your hair needs the right nutrients to grow and be in the best condition possible. Introducing a B supplement to your diet boosts biotin in your body, which is often used as a hair-loss treatment. If you’re not keen on taking supplements, increase your intake of almonds, leafy greens and animal products to increase your biotin.

One study has found that hair loss amongst participants decreased when taking an omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid supplement.

  1. Avoid styling with heat

Heat styling is one of the top hair growth killers. Straighteners, curlers & hair-dryers damage your hair and reduce overall hair health. To help your hair grow healthily, we recommend reducing the use of heat tools, turning down the temperature on your wands or using a heat protectant spray. Pop in store to view our extensive range of Kerastase products to find a heat styling protectant for your hair.

  1. Stretch out the colour appointments

As much as we love doing your hair, we also recommend giving it a break between appointments for it to grow, strengthen and relax after the colouring treatment we provide. Any chemical processes on the hair can dry out the follicle and result in breakage. We recommend leaving 12 weeks between appointments to give your hair a rest. During this time, nourish it with a deep hydration mask!

  1. Skip the daily shampoo

Every time you wash your hair, you tangle strands, increase split ends and increase chances of breakage. Here at Elenbi we recommend aiming to wash your hair twice a week – but some have to work up to this! If you’re washing your hair every day, start skipping a day and doing a deep rinse on the day you don’t wash it. Over a few weeks, your scalp will adjust and soon enough, you’ll be loving the twice a week regime!

If you’d like to book in to Elenbi Hair Salons for a hair treatment to encourage hair growth, please get in touch with our team to book an appointment.